Quality of Service (QoS) TOS-Based Configuration


TOS (Dec) TOS (Hex) TOS Precedence Name DSCP (Hex) DSCP (Dec) DSCP/PHB Class
0 0x00 Routine 0x00 0 none
4 0x04 Routine 0x01 1 none
8 0x08 Routine 0x02 2 none
12 0x0C Routine 0x03 3 none
16 0x10 Routine 0x04 4 none
32 0x20 Priority 0x08 8 cs1
40 0x28 Priority 0x0A 10 af11
48 0x30 Priority 0x0C 12 af12
56 0x38 Priority 0x0E 14 af13
64 0x40 Immediate 0x10 16 cs2
72 0x48 Immediate 0x12 18 af21
80 0x50 Immediate 0x14 20 af22
88 0x58 Immediate 0x16 22 af23
96 0x60 Flash 0x18 24 cs3
104 0x68 Flash 0x1A 26 af31
112 0x70 Flash 0x1C 28 af32
120 0x78 Flash 0x1E 30 af33
128 0x80 FlashOverride 0x20 32 cs4
136 0x88 FlashOverride 0x22 34 af41
144 0x90 FlashOverride 0x24 36 af42
152 0x98 FlashOverride 0x26 38 af43
160 0xA0 Critical 0x28 40 cs5
176 0xB0 Critical 0x2C 44 voice-admit
184 0xB8 Critical 0x2E 46 ef
192 0xC0 InterNetwork Control 0x30 48 cs6
224 0xE0 Network Control 0x38 56 cs7

Staring the service

Configure a reachable host on the WAN network, preferably the target host.
					cli set qos.status=1
cli set qos.interface.0.name=wwan0
cli set qos.interface.0.pingip.primary=

If required, configure a secondary QoS ping target.

					cli set qos.interface.0.pingip.secondary=

Default queue

Create a default queue for all unmarked traffic and set the priority to 9. This will be the last QoS rule.

					cli set qos.queue.0.desc=default
cli set qos.queue.0.direction=outbound
cli set qos.queue.0.interface=0
cli set qos.queue.0.prio=9

QoS Queue

Create the first QoS queue and mark all packets with a TOS value.

The TOS is a decimal value.

					cli set qos.queue.1.desc=af12
cli set qos.queue.1.direction=outbound
cli set qos.queue.1.interface=0
cli set qos.queue.1.prio=8
cli set qos.queue.1.tos=48

QoS Service

Create the service that all be matched to the QoS queue. In the example we match UDP traffic with the destination port 5048

					cli set qos.service.0.queue=1
cli set qos.service.0.dport=5048
cli set qos.service.0.proto=udp

Create the next QoS queue and mark all packets with a TOS value.

					cli set qos.queue.2.desc=af22
cli set qos.queue.2.direction=outbound
cli set qos.queue.2.interface=0
cli set qos.queue.2.prio=7
cli set qos.queue.2.tos=80
					cli set qos.service.1.queue=2
cli set qos.service.1.dport=5080
cli set qos.service.1.proto=tcp

Multiple services can be marked in a QoS queue.

					cli set qos.queue.3.desc=af32
cli set qos.queue.3.direction=outbound
cli set qos.queue.3.interface=0
cli set qos.queue.3.prio=6
cli set qos.queue.3.tos=112
					cli set qos.service.2.queue=3
cli set qos.service.2.dport=5112
cli set qos.service.2.proto=tcp

					cli set qos.service.3.queue=3
cli set qos.service.3.dport=5112
cli set qos.service.3.proto=udp

Final QoS queue.

					cli set qos.queue.4.desc=af42
cli set qos.queue.4.direction=outbound
cli set qos.queue.4.interface=0
cli set qos.queue.4.prio=1
cli set qos.queue.4.tos=144
					cli set qos.service.4.queue=4
cli set qos.service.4.dport=5144
cli set qos.service.4.proto=tcp