Initial Access

In the factory state, you will be prompted for a new administrator password. Please choose a password that is both, easy to remember but also robust against dictionary attacks (such as one that contains numbers, letters and punctuation characters).

You may also configure additional users who will only be granted to access the summary page or retrieve status information but not to set any configuration parameters. A set of services (USB Autorun, CLI-PHP) are by default activated in the factory state and will be disabled as soon as the admin password has been set. They can be enabled again afterwards in the relevant sections. Other services (SSH, Telnet, Console) can be accessed in the factory state by providing an empty or no password. The passphrase which is used to store and access generated and uploaded private keys is initialized to a random value. It can be changed as described in chapter

Automatic Mobile Data Connection

If you put a SIM with a disabled PIN into the first SIM slot and select ’Configure automatic mobile data connection’ the router will try to select matching credentials from a database of known providers and establish a mobile data connection automatically. This feature is highly dependent on the SIM card features and the available networks.